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Has your inner wisdom led you to take charge of your mental health?  Are you going through a specific moment when the notion of "work, activity" questions you, highlighting the purpose of your existence?  

We will be delighted to guide you towards a perspective that could strengthen your ability to (re)find meaning, to think differently, to act accordingly, and to move forward in the name of your professional development!

Faced with the challenge of quality of life in organizations, you wish for your employees and for the good health of your company,  consider the psychosocial issue of "work"?  

We are ready to support you in your strategic, entrepreneurial decisions  and managerial by our advice and our services according to each situation!

Face au défi de la qualité de vie du travail dans les organisations, vous souhaitez pour vos collaborateurs et pour la bonne santé de votre entreprise, considérer l'enjeu psychosocial du "travailler" ?  

Soyez soutenus dans vos décisions stratégiques, entrepreneuriales et managériales par des conseils et des prestations en fonction de chaque situation !

Comparison is not right; all sessions and interventions are personalized and tailor-made!


  • Visio ou sur site

    Echange, écoute, appréciation, conseils, éventuel choix d'un suivi ...

    45 min

    55 euros
  • Echange, écoute, appréciation, conseils, éventuel devis...

    1 hr

    150 euros
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